Marry Me

7 May

Marry Me

I have a crush on St. Vincent.

Like, a mega crush. Super, super huge. She’s incredibly gorgeous. She has awe-inspiring talent. Her voice gives me chills. I wouldn’t just go straight for St. Vincent; I would marry her and start a family.

I first “met” St. Vincent when I heard this. Then I heard this.  Then this happened. At this point, I was madly in love. I bought her latest album, Actor (which is this good. No, better.), and now I’ve listened to her 2007 debut, Marry Me, which is also so good.

Before I get into that, let me introduce you. St. Vincent, known in the real world as Annie Clark, is a singer/songwriter from New York (though raised in Dallas, Texas). Before she established a solo career, she was one of the many members of both The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band. Then she released Marry Me and it blew EVERYBODY’S MINDS.

Yes, that’s an exaggeration. But Marry Me is still great. It gives us several reasons to love St. Vincent. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1) Her face


The end.


2) She is a master of guitars – All hail.


3) Her voice – It’s fantastic. Beautiful, haunting, gorgeous, and mysterious, a perfect match for the chilling lyrics to…


4) Her songs – Also fantastic. Admittedly, the songs on Marry Me work better individually than as a group. But they work very, very well individually. They come in a wide variety of styles, from sweet, sparkly pop songs (“Jesus Saves, I Spend, “ “All My Stars Aligned”) to distorted, angular art rock (“Your Lips are Red”) to rich, dark swirls of beauty  (“Landmines,” “The Apocalypse Song,” and “Paris is Burning” especially), all with a gorgeous blend of piano, strings, woodwinds, etc. And she wrote the arrangements herself! (Though the arrangements are even more ambitious in Actor. But we aren’t talking about Actor. Still, you should listen to Actor.)

Also worth mentioning: her lyrics. Again, fantastic. More than that, there is a tone of desperation and malice in them.  This tone rings clearly in several of the songs on this album, but some of the best moments come when it creeps up on you. A shining example of this is the title track. It passes for a sweet and simple love song until the words rise from the background: “I don’t care what you want/ I want to marry you.” And then she sings “Let’s do what Mary and Joseph did/Without the kid.” Suddenly, a song about romantic desire becomes much more innerving, and quite a bit less romantic. I adore this.


5) She named her album after a running gag from Arrested Development …I just named all of our children.

Isn’t she wonderful? I think so. And she wants me to marry her! I couldn’t be more flattered.

(That was the corniest joke ever, but it was just begging to be made.)

And because I couldn’t share just one:


Next, I will try not to link my blog post to an entire internet. I will also attempt to stream as many albums as I can before Lala reaches its tragic end (sorry). I will begin with Know Better Learn Faster.


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