24 May


Here’s a new genre for you: Jazz. Fused with rap. Fused with swing. Entirely in Swedish.

I know what you might be thinking: “That’s a horrible idea!” Well, take a listen to this, then tell me whose ideas are horrible:

That’s what I thought.

Movits! is a trio from Luleå, Sweden that came from out of nowhere (i.e. the internet) to be featured on an episode of The Colbert Report in 2009, receiving the “Colbert Bump” and blowing the minds of Stephen Colbert fans everywhere (like me!) in the process. Soon enough, they took off, and their debut album, Äppelknyckarjazz, became available in the United States. And it’s fantastic.

And it’s so for one reason above any other: that wholly irresistible sound. It’s the freshest and most fun that hip-hop has been in decades. Movits! accomplishes this by wholly embracing the timeless energy of swing, not only making rap extremely enjoyable and danceable for white people, but also providing for some extremely impressive flow (props to vocalist Johan Rensfeldt). It’s every bit as ingenious as it sounds. And even after more than 45 minutes, it never gets tiring. To the contrary, it begs to be played over and over again. It’s a perfect album for summer, or for that dance party you may or may not be planning. Here’s some more:


Next, I may or may not lose internet access for a bit. If not, I will listen to and review Bromst.


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