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The Usual Suspects

2 Jan

The Usual Suspects

A while back, during first semester, I was having a conversation with my wonderful professor. Well, technically, it was an interview that ended too shortly and was continued by a conversation. But such details are needless. During this conversation, we had a discussion about our favorite movies. This started when I read from the list of interview questions I had written in my notebook.

“What’s your favorite song-slash-movie?”

“Well… I couldn’t really tell you what my favorite song is. There are so many. But my favorite movie? That one’s easy.”

It was this one.

“When I first saw it, I was alone in my dorm room. And when it ended, I was like (drops jaw).”

“I already know the ending.”

“You already know the ending?!?!”

Yes, I did. It was a crying shame. The big twist ending was ruined for me when I watched one of those Vh1 clip shows from years past. Some sassy comedian was sitting in front of a green screen: “Oh ma god, when I saw the ending, I was all, ‘Oh ma god! I can’t believe that dude’s Keyser Söze!!!’” Then they rolled the clip: Kevin Spacey walking down a crowded sidewalk, starting at a limp and eventually walking straight, revealing that he was faking it all along. I blame everything on Vh1.

Anyways, even though I knew the big twist, I still wanted to watch this film. Which raised the question:  How can you enjoy a movie when you already know how it ends? The answer: You watch a good movie. Which is what I did.

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